Chinen salt is an herbal supplement. It is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat type 2 diabetes. It is somehow like the bulk Himalayan salt as they contain some compounds that are considered salts because of chemical formulas.

Chinen salt should be used as a supplement instead of cooking or table salt.

What Color is Chinen Salt?

Chinen salt is similar to the Himalayan Pink salt according to chemical formulas. But it has a yellow color. Due to this, it can be used as a dye.

But it is mostly used in medicine to cure multiple problems. It is suggested to diabetics to cure diabetes.

What is Chinen Salt Good For?

Chinen salt is a herbal element that is used in multiple medicines. It is especially famous for treating type 2 diabetes because of some chemical compounds.

How to Use Chinen Salt for Diabetes?

Chinen salt contains the Chinese goldthread. It is an herb that has multiple anti-diabetes effects. According to further research, Chinen salt contains Berberine, an active salt compound. This helps to lower blood sugar levels and treat other problems.

Noteworthy Chinen Salt Benefits

In addition to treating diabetic people and being used in the dye, Chinen salt has multiple benefits. It removes toxins from the body and cures skin diseases by providing the required nutrients to the body cells.