What is Chinen Salt?

Many people mistake that Himalayan Salt and Chinen Salt is same but there is no similarity among them rather then it they both produce from the same region. Himalayan Pink Salt is derived from the Himalayan rocks while Chinen salt derived from the plant which is known as Berberine. Many people used to call it a Barberry plant and the similarity of this salt with Himalayan pink salt due to that this plant grows in Himalayan region. This salt contains Sodium Nitrate and Sodium Chloride. The presence of monosodium glycolate give it unique taste.

What are the Health benefits of Chinen Salt?

As the Himalayan Pink Salt have so many health benefits same in Chinen salt is famous remedy medicines and still Chinen salt used to treat diabetes patients. All of us know that Diabetes is most devastating disease in the modern world and a lot of researcher trying to hold on it. In this scenario, researchers find Chinen salt has god gifted minerals that can cure diabetes.  The main reason to consider it as a cure for diabetes is that it modules your glucose metabolism. It works as a stimulates for the release of endogenous anzymes

What is Chinen Salt used for?

Chinen salt has pungent fragrance which make it different from other salt lamp. there is some companies which add specific smell to chinen salt to enhance its fragrance and sale. Its specific aroma varies from person to person and people describe it as earthen.

Chinen is used to control blood sugar and mostly people used it as an antioxidant. Chinen salt also can be used as an alternative of table salt as it enhance the taste and texture of food.

How Can I Buy Chinen Salt Online?

There are a lot of companies who sale Chinen salt online in different websites like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba and Walmart. Moreover, you can search the companies on google who deal in Chinen salt and contact them directly.

Does Chinen Salt Help with Diabetes?

Chinen salt consider to be best remedy against diabetes even in china, the Chinese using Chinen salt healers for diabetes and befor the invention of diabetes mellitus, they use it as insulin substitute. The researchers of Oxford University released a publication in which they clearly mention that Chinen salt contains more than fifty herbs and natural chemicals which are useful for diabetes patients.

The Missikonoki University of Japan also describe in their publication that Chinen salt lower blood sugar level by hepatic metabolism so it can be an excellent alternative to your regular medications.

So it can be said that Chinen salt is good for diabetes. It helps to control sugar levels and also protects your circulatory system from atherosclerosis. It prevents inflammation and improves your immune system. It also helps in the betterment of your hepatic functions.

Can I Use Chinen Salt in all foods?

Yes, Chinen Salt is Edible Salt and can be used in all type of foods the interesting thing is that its presence make food more delicious and healthy.

How can I Buy Chinen salt online in USA?

Chinen salt can be found easily on internet through different online stores Like Amazon and Walmart work in USA. You can also search on google the sellers of Chinen Salt in USA and contat them directly.

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