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We introduce our self as reliable Bulk Himalayan Salt Block Manufacturer And Exporter in salt industry and our Company Himalayan Pink Salt is entirely responsible for extracting the Himalayan pink salt blocks from Himalaya Hills and with secure network of extracting, transportation and processing of pink Himalayan salt blocks. Our aim is to produce high-quality products and distribute them all over the globe for both individual customers and businesses.


Himalayan Pink Salt is very popular and highly demanded product all over the world. Himalayan Pink Salt Mine come from light from Himalayan mountain range in 16th century and now consider to be white gold because of its so many benefits and multipurpose uses. We work as World Wide Distributor (WWD) and add Himalayan Pink Salt in our product category to give benefits. We focus on achieving goals and putting forth new ones, as we move forward. In the future, we hope to enjoy your continued support and feedback to help us soar the skies.

Himalayan Salt Wholesale Products

We Are Certified

Khewra Salt Mine Production and Capacity



350,000 TON






Our Working Process


We extract quality Himalayan Rock Salt from Khewra Salt Mine. Our Self owned mining process ensures best quality raw material.

Sorting & Washing

We eliminate low quality chunks and then pass through the washing process to remove all dust before manufacturing of any product.

Manufacturing Process

Our advance machines and experienced workers ensures that all manufacturing products are upto quality standards.

Optical Cleaning

We inspect every piece of raw material and remove all extra particles to shape it to the final product.

Customize Labeling

After manufacturing and passing through the quality checks, we provide customize packing and labeling to our customers.

Organic Serving

We serve organic and natural raw material directly from Khewra Salt Mine to export in different countries worldwide.


Himalayan Pink Salt have so many usage but here we discuss about Salt Block which are highly in used and become requirement of people. So many researches in Europe define how beneficial is cooking on salt block. The Meadow’s Himalayan salt blocks, plates, bricks, and platters can be used for grilling, chilling, curing, baking, presenting, salting, bathing, building, and contemplating.

As a Pink Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer, we offer superior quality lamps, we are always available to ship your orders at your place.


Our fast shipping process and best natural quality products are guaranteed from the management of our company. For these purpose to convert Himalayan pink Salt in raw form to a proper salt block, it has to walk through a proper process. After that these block would be able to use as for making foods, cooking styles, whims, acts of folly, and shows of bravado. Serve moist food on it, such as mozzarella and sliced apples, and the food will pick up a delicate saltiness that sets it off perfectly.

Heat a salt block on the stove, then set the hot block on a trivet at the table to serve scallops or thinly sliced hanger steak while seated with your guests.

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