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Himalayan Pink Salt Products

Everything You Need in One Place


Salt tiles, available in different cuts and colors, an ideal building material that can enhance any decor.


Pure hand carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create the perfect moment for you with their soothing warm glow.


Himalayan Salt has remained locked under the Himalayas for millions of years, protected.


Salt Pipe is a drug-free & non-invasive way to enjoy salt therapy. It revitalizes the respiratory system.


Hand-mined Himalayan salt is the purest and unprocessed salt & it contains 84 trace minerals.


Salt candle holder can enhance the ambiance of any space by its warm glow while emitting healthy ions.


Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. It offers many culinary uses & provides benefits of pure salt.


Himalayan bath salt has healing & therapeutic properties. It detoxifies the body while providing minerals.


Himalayan salt licks contain 84 minerals and are very beneficial for the health & growth of all animals.

History of Himalayan Pink Salt

Widespread popularity of Himalayan salt also known as Pink Salt is all over the globe now. Himalayan Salt and products made with Himalayan salt are increasingly used today.

The mesmerizing pink and white Himalayan Salt crystals have a history of more than 300 million years when ancient oceans dried up leaving rock salt as deposits.

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With the nourishing goodness of 84 elements and a state of unmatched purity, our Himalayan Pink Salt is one of its kind. To value its rarity, we save it from all kinds of artificial additives and machinery by using hand mining as a means of extracting the salt from its natural reserves- ancient sea deposits from billions of years ago.

detailIn today’s world, finding a natural product which hasn’t encountered any form of artificial tampering is a challenge, if not impossible. We at Ittefaq Trading Co. pride ourselves on recognizing Himalayan Pink Salt for being the priceless gift from nature it actually is. This multipurpose miracle Himalayan rock salt can be used for skin, beauty, health, general wellness, and even as a healthier substitute to regular table salt in cooking.

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