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Himalayan-pinksalt is a realible Manufacturer & Exporter of Himalayan salt block. We are serving as a salt traders in the industry since 2002. We have expanded our business to over 45+ countries worldwide. Our bulk himalayan salt is delivered worldwide from khewra salt mine.



Himalayan Pink Salt is very popular and highly demand product in all over the world. A boulder of Himalayan rock salt emerges from darkness of a 16th century mineshaft in Pakistan and explodes into light. The people of this region use Himalayan pink salt for preserving food in start but with the passage of time when they come to know and researches prove its benefits, it become like white gold.

Himalayan Salt Wholesale Products

Salt Tiles

Salt tiles, available in different cuts and colors, an ideal building material that can enhance any decor.


Pure hand carved Aromatherapy Salt Lamps can create the perfect moment for you with their soothing warm glow.

Edible Salt

Himalayan Pink Edible Salt has remained locked under the Himalayas for millions of years, protected.

Salt Lamps

Hand-mined Himalayan salt lamp is the purest and unprocessed salt & it contains 84 trace natural minerals.

Bath Salt

Himalayan bath salt has healing & therapeutic properties. It detoxifies the body while providing minerals.

Lick Salt

Himalayan salt licks contain 84 minerals and are very beneficial for the health & growth of all animals.

Salt Culinary

Salt blocks are best for healthy cooking. It offers many culinary uses & provides benefits of salt.

Salt Candle Holder

Salt candle holder can enhance the ambiance of any space by its warm glow while emitting healthy ions.

Khewra Salt Mine Production and Capacity



5000 TON







Himalayan Pink Salt have so many usage but here we discuss about Salt Block which are highly in used and become requirement of people. So many researches in Europe define how beneficial is cooking on salt block. The Meadow’s Himalayan salt blocks, plates, bricks, and platters can be used for grilling, chilling, curing, baking, presenting, salting, bathing, building, and contemplating.

As a Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer offers superior quality lamps, we are always available to ship your orders at your place.

Our fast shipping process and best natural quality products are guaranteed from the management of our company. For these purpose to convert Himalayan pink Salt in raw form to a proper salt block, it has to walk through a proper process. After that these block would be able to use as for making foods, cooking styles, whims, acts of folly, and shows of bravado. Serve moist food on it, such as mozzarella and sliced apples, and the food will pick up a delicate saltiness that sets it off perfectly.

Heat a salt block on the stove, then set the hot block on a trivet at the table to serve scallops or thinly sliced hanger steak while seated with your guests.

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