About Us

Reliable Himalayan Pink Salt Company

Pakistan is blessed with the Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt resources. The salt comes from Khewra Mines, located in the foothills of Himalayan Range, which is among the most significant rock salt sources throughout the world. The salt comes with minerals in perfect compositions which is healthy considering the human consumption.

We proudly introducing our new venture as the exporter of “Himalayan-Pink Salt” which will be officially launched in the beginning of the year 2021. We are wholly responsible for extraction, processing and transportation of salt blocks and its products. Our aim to produce high quality products and make them available around the world for individuals as well as business purposes.

Our Success Story As World Wide Distributor

If we look at our History, over 28 years ago we start a setup of IT Business with HP in which we deal in HP Computers, HP Laptops, HP Printers and Accessories like HP Paper Toner and Cartage. As far we present Intel in Pakistan in which we deal Intel processor and motherboard. Further we deal in Toshiba and Hitachi original Hard Drives and also introduce A-Data RAM in Pakistan.

Himalayan Pink Salt Exporter From Pakistan

Quality Guaranteed

We strive to offer only the highest quality products on the market and to work with customers to ensure complete satisfaction.

Fast Order Processing

To keep our customers happy with our service it’s important to make our process as fast and accurate as possible.

Price Competitiveness

We are a proven, price-competitive source for all grades of both Bulk Rock and Himalayan Crystal salt products.

After getting so much success we introduce our own Brand by the name of Imini. We launch Imini Inverter according to the requirement of Pakistan. We also launch I-Tab in Pakistan with the affiliation of Chinese company which fulfill the requirement of everyone in affordable budget. At that time HP Launch its mobile products and we launch Slate-6 in Pakistan on the behalf of HP. It was basically a Phablate and in this way we bring a new concept of Phablate in market which was 6” inches phone and a new concept as at that time nobody has even think about 6” inches phone so people were curious about it.

Almost 9 years ago, we gave another turn to our business and switch it toward Security Surveillance as there was much scope in this field. We launch CP-PLUS a German Brand of Security surveillance in Pakistan as Distributor and continue this business.

Due to our remarkable growth over the past 28 years in IT Industry and last 9 years in providing security solutions, we are expanding. Following our own footsteps, we are going to badge ourselves with another unique star and pitching a totally diversified industry. We are working hard to provide you with the best.