animal lick salt

We Are the Best Animal Lick Salt Providers

Ideally, farmers prefer the animal lick salt blocks for their horses and other livestock all around the world. And, for that purpose, we offer the best salt block for the animal lick of 100% best quality. Because it is considered as the remedy for them.

Animal Lick Salt 1
  • Packing: 12 pcs
  • Weight: 2kg – 2.5kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-A
Animal Lick Salt 2
  • Packing: 3 pcs
  • Weight: 3kg – 3.5kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-B
Animal Lick Salt 3
  • Packing: 6 pcs
  • Weight: 4kg – 4.5kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-C
Animal Lick Salt 4
  • Packing: 4 pcs
  • Weight: 6kg – 7kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-D
Animal Lick Salt 5
  • Packing: 4 pcs
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-E
Animal Lick Salt 6
  • Packing: 2 pcs
  • Weight: 10+ kg
  • Code: HLS-1401-F
Animal Lick Salt 7
  • Packing: 1 Ton
  • Weight: 2kg – 15kg
  • Code: HLS 1402
Animal Lick Salt 8
  • Packing: 1 Ton
  • Weight:1-10kg
  • Code: HLS 1403
1HLS - 1401 - A2kg - 2.5kg12 pcs
2HLS - 1401 - B3kg - 3.5kg8 pcs
3HLS - 1401 - C4kg - 4.5kg6 pcs
4HLS - 1401 - D6kg - 7kg4 pcs
5HLS - 1401 - E8kg2 pcs
6HLS - 1401 - F10+ kg2 pcs
7HLS - 14022kg - 15kg1 Ton
8HLS - 14031-10kg1 Ton

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Get 100% Finest Quality of Salt Lick for Deer

We, being a well-known company in the entire world, do not compromise on the quality. And, always make our customers satisfied with the salt lick for deer at a reasonable price.

These blocks are the best nutritional supplements, and animals usually get benefits from this Himalayan lick salt. Each block is specially manufactured for a specific animal. There are no additives or derivatives mixed with animal lick salt and come up in all sizes and shapes.


We Offer the Best Salt Blocks For Horses

Salt blocks are actually manufactured for the horses. Just like a human body needs a 50gm of salt every day. In the very same manner, animals also need salt for their proper growth.

Therefore, we provide professionally manufactured salt blocks for horses and our finely manufactured Animal Salt Lick and export them in a very secure way.

Purchase Salt Block For Cows

We have gained the trust of so many customers and are now offering you premium quality rock salt block for cows, especially.

Our workers are highly trained in manufacturing and exporting animal lick salt. We ensure the 100% natural quality of our products from which your cows are going to get benefit in every possible way.


Frequently Asked Questions

What small animal needs a salt lick?

Rabbits require salt licks to survive! Salt Licks can last a very long time if only one rabbit uses them! This is an excellent value for your money!