himalayan salt slab

Best Himalayan Salt Slab Provider From Pakistan

Salt Himalayan slabs are usually used for the cooking processes. And, we, being the most worthy company regarding Himalayan salt manufacturing, offer your premium quality Himalayan salt slab grill. It is almost similar to table salt, having a slightly higher amount of minerals in it.

Himalayan Salt Slab
Sr#Art#Weight (kg)Size (inch) L/W/HPacking
1GSP - 11011 - 28" x 4" x 1"24 pcs
2GSP - 11022.258" x 4" x 2"12 pcs
3GSP - 11032.258" x 8" x 1"12 pcs
4GSP - 110448" x 8" x 1.5"8 pcs
5GSP - 110548" x 8" x 2"6 pcs
6GSP - 11064.58" x 8" x 2" Round9 pcs
7GSP - 11075.510" x 6" x 2"4 pcs
8GSP - 11085-612" x 8" x 1.5"5 pcs
9GSP - 11096.712" x 8" x 2"5 pcs
10GSP - 11109.516" x 8" x 2"4 pcs

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Acquire Our Finest Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

Cooking on the salt slab is basically a new idea that is becoming popular. Because people always like to try on new things and this pink Himalayan salt slab gives your food a unique texture and taste. Our Himalayan pink salt slabs are becoming much appealing in the entire world nowadays.

Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab
Himalayan Salt Slab Grill

Utilize Our 100% Best Quality Himalayan Salt Slab Grill

We offer the 100% best quality Himalayan salt plates to our customers. We value every concern of our customers and do the manufacturing process of Himalayan Salt slabs using fine material.

We do not compromise on the quality and make our customers happy with our Himalayan pink salt slabs. The food cooked on these salt plates has a rich quantity of nutrients in it.

Choose Us For the Best Himalayan Pink Salt Slab

We stand out as the leading champion in the entire world and earned our name as the fines company regarding salt slabs manufacturing and exporting at the best price. These salt plates are used in the cooking process exactly like the use of Himalayan salt slabs.

The benefits of the best Himalayan salt plates and grills are similar. Some people prefer to cook on the slab and others on salt plates. Therefore, we offer both of them so that you can get them as per your preference.