Himalayan Salt Slab

Himalayan Salt Bricks Wholesale

Himalayan Pink salt is great source in home decoration in the form of lamp, decoration pieces and candle lamp. Moreover, you can make a mosaic in your home from Himalayan salt slab which not only give a beautiful look to your house but also create a refreshing and relaxing environment.

Sr#Art#NameWeight (kg)Size (inch)
1HDS - 1351Salt Tile - Round2.4kg2 x 4 x 8
2HDS - 1352Salt Tile1.1kg1 x 4 x 8
3HDS - 1353Salt Tile500 gr1 x 4 x 4
4HDS - 1354Salt Tile2.4kg2 x 4 x 8
5HDS - 1355Wall Stones - One Side Cut8-15kg1 Ton
6HDS - 1356Wall Stone - Two Sides Cut10-20kg1 Ton
7HDS - 1357Salt Tile9.52 x 8 x 16
8HDS - 1358Salt Tile5.5kg1.5 x 8 x 12

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Apart from its decorating purposes, Himalayan salt bricks are used for creating beautiful murals. These murals can be designed in different sizes and colors as per the requirements. Moreover, since these stones are heat resistant and water proof, they are highly resistant to any kind of stains which can damage the tile. The price of these tiles is not high enough but still it can prove out to be a great investment for you as these tiles posses numerous health benefits due to which they can be used both inside and outside the house.

These tiles come in a variety of colors. In order to create a beautiful wall painting with these unique tiles, you can place them in a grid or pattern on the wall and then grout them with the help of a grout brush. If the color of the tile is dark, then grout must be used in a darker shade as that is required to make the pattern and coloring look darker. In case, if the color of the tile is light then one can use white grout in between the salt blocks.

How long does a Himalayan Salt block last?

The expiry of Himalayan pink salt block depend on its usage and care but when you found cracks appear on block then left the Himalayan Pink Salt Block.

How to build a salt room?

Salt room is construct with Himalayan pink salt tiles. its surface also covered with Himalayan Pink Salt on which walk consider to be best foot therapy. In this Salt Room Salt Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Meditation type services offer which relaxing your body and mind.