Himalayan Salt Bath

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath Exporter

Our Himalayan salt bath is trusted source and high quality geniun product for cleansing and rich in essential skin minerals which not only soother and softer the skin but the minerals contain in it detoxify and relax your body. These pink Himalayan salt bath were formed millions of years ago before any modern day pollution, which results in an extremely pure natural salt.

Sr#Art#NameWeight (kg)Size(Inch)
1HBS - 901Soap - Heart Shape160 gr0.98 x 1.57
2HBS - 902Deo Stick150 gr0.78 x 1.57
3HBS - 903Soap - Cake Shape200 gr1.22 x 3.54

Himalayan Salt Spa

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Himalayan Bath Salt Exporter

Salt harvested out of the Himalayan Mountains is similar to any additional salt on earth, exceptional in both its imperial beauty and at the huge benefits it gives. If you put in natural and pure sour salts into your bathroom you will discover the difference instantly; once blended with water, then those additives make an environment which imitates the most early seas on the planet, bringing the magic of the Himalayas into your home.

Himalayan Salt Bath Benefits

Himalayan Salt Bath may enhance the feel, tone, along with appearance your skin, combat water-retention, promote nasal health, prevent muscle cramping along with soreness, and modulate sleep, and reduction stress.

Himalayan bath salt bulk re-mineralizes your human anatomy together with minerals and trace elements necessary to our own health. If you boil in a salt bath, the nutrients and minerals from the salt have been all delivered into a own cells at the kind of”ions”, rendering it easier for the human own body to consume them and then utilize them.

Bathing in hot water mixed with Pink Salt greatly reduces your blood pressure and calms your head and the own body, and that means that you may obtain a very long, relaxing nights uninterrupted sleep.

Pink Himalayan Salt Bath

Our himalayan additives are an all pure supply of sodium helping detoxify the body. The accession of pink clay supplies an extremely gentle cleansing — ideal for pulling out impurities without stripping skin of sebum. Together with seed oil, such luxurious pink Himalayan salt bath can make skin feeling cleansed and rejuvenated.

Can you use Himalayan Salt for Bath?

Yes, Himalayan Pink Salt can be used for Bath even its use in Spa because it can provide soothing relief for several conditions.