Himalayan Natural Salt Bath Largest Exporter from Pakistan

For glowing skin, you must have some extra skin minerals which make your skin healthy enough. That’s why we offer you the best Himalayan Natural Salt Bath which is now much appealing. Our salt bath manufacturing is done by professionals using fine material in a secure manner.

Himalayan Salt Bath 1
Himalayan Salt Bath 2
  • Shape: Soap – Heart Shape
  • Weight: 160 gram
  • Size: 4″ x 2.5″
  • Code: HBS-901
Himalayan Salt Bath 3
  • Shape: Salt Balls – 50mm Dia
  • Weight: 190 gram
  • Size: 2″ x 2″
  • Code: HBS-902
Himalayan Salt Bath 4
  • Shape: Deo Stick
  • Weight: 150 gram
  • Size: 4″ x 2″
  • Code: HBS-903
Himalayan Salt Bath 5
  • Shape: Soap Shape
  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Size: 4″ x 2″
  • Code: HBS-904
Himalayan Salt Bath 6
  • Shape: Salt Plate
  • Weight: 1 – 2 kg
  • Size L/W/H: 8″ x 4″ x 1″
  • Code: HBS-905
himalayan pink salt bath
himalayan salt bath
himalayan bath salt
Sr#Art#NameWeight (kg)Size L/W/H Inch
1HBS - 901Soap - Heart Shape160 gr4" x 2.5"
2HBS - 902Salt Balls - 50mm Dia190 gr2" x 2"
3HBS - 903Deo Stick150 gr4" x 2"
4HBS - 904Soap Shape200 gr4" x 2"
5HBS - 905Salt Plate1 - 2 kg8" x 4" x 1"

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We Offer You the Best Himalayan Bath Salt

As we have been serving you for many years, we do not compromise on the quality of our products and offer you the best Himalayan Bath Salt. Our Pink Himalayan Salt Bath will make your skin healthy as it contains all the essential minerals for your skincare.

Himalayan Salt Bath 7
Himalayan Salt Bath 8

Our Himalayan Natural Salt Bath is Perfect For Your Skin

Experience pink Himalayan natural salt baths at the #1 company in the entire world. We at Himalayan Salt, being the top-ranked manufacturer, offers you the safest and premium quality salt bath. We take care of your every concern and get the manufacturing done of  Himalayan Bath Salt, accordingly.

Get Our Pink Himalayan Salt Bath at the Best Price

We, being the top-notch brand worldwide, provide you with our finest quality pink salt bath at the best price which will have a healthy effect on your skin. We have mentioned some other Himalayan salt bath benefits, some of them are mentioned as It will make your skin refreshing and bring it to life. Skin obviously needs some essential minerals so that it could glow, and our Himalayan pink salt bath contains all those essential minerals. When it comes to the Himalayan pink salt bath side effects, here’s good news for all of you, our natural salt bath comes without any side effects.

Entertain Yourself with Our Himalayan Bath Salt Wholesale

Our first aim is to get our customers satisfied. And for that sake, we offer you our Himalayan bath salt wholesale at a discounted price. We ensure the finest quality of Himalayan Salt Bath and export this skincare product in a secure manner. Contact us to buy the Himalayan bath salt bulk at incredibly affordable rates.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Much Himalayan Salt in Bath?

Ideally, ½ cup of Himalayan salt in every gallon of water. And, one bath requires almost 25 gallons of water, so you will need almost 2 pounds of salt to add to it.

Where to Buy an Authentic Himalayan Salt Bath?

If you want to buy an authentic salt bath then Himalayan-pinksalt.com is a one-stop-shop to go. We offer 100% authentic natural and budget-friendly salt to bath salt to our dearest customers.

Can you use Himalayan salt for bathing?

In addition to being a natural disinfectant, Himalayan salt is also used in baths to prevent viruses from spreading. The benefits of Himalayan salt for the outer body are just as impressive. Due to their healing properties, Himalayan bath salt wholesale is beneficial for healing body wounds.

How to use Himalayan pink salt in a bath?

  • Clean your body by taking a shower to get rid of dirt, oils, and cosmetic products.
  • Make the water in the tub lukewarm, but not too hot.
  • According to the package instructions, Himalayan salt should be added to bathwater, usually a handful. Dissolve the salt.
  • It may feel dehydrating to some people to take salt baths. You should always have a glass of cool water nearby if you become dehydrated while bathing.
  • Take a 10- to 15-minute bath. Rinse it off and pat it dry.
  • Afterward, moisturize your skin.

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