Himalayan Salt Iron Basket

Himalayan Salt Iron BasketĀ Manufacturer

As a Himalayan salt iron basket manufacturer from Pakistan, we produce our products in different and unique shape and size while keeping the quality upto the quality standards.

Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (kg)Inches W/L
1HIB - 301Trophy3 - 48 x 5
2HIB - 302Square3 - 48 x 5
3HIB - 303Round3 - 48 x 5
4HIB - 304Melon3 - 48 x 5
5HIB - 3056-Cut3 - 48 x 5
6HIB - 306Triangle3 - 48 x 5

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Himalayan Salt Iron Basket Exporter

We’ve hundred of layouts out there in Himalayan Salt Iron Basket. The salt crystal balls we all fill our baskets are superb and transmit lighting exceptionally well, together with natural colors of crimson, white, and also pink/orange readily offered. Baskets are extremely, very effective with indoor atmosphere as a result of large cumulative area of the sour salt chunks.

Black iron bowl and salt stones develop a luminous focus. Himalayan Salt Blocks are contained using iron basket. Himalayan PinkSalt supplies the best quality salt iron baskets for you. Our price to get the engineered formed salt lamps is reasonable. We’re the leading handmade salt lamp basket manufacturer from Pakistan because here’s you’re able to find all kinds of crafted lamp baskets at affordable rates.

Our lowest prices are the result of the way to obtain Himalayan Salt Iron Basket. Our mill is found in the Khewra Pakistan which is the largest supply of salt across the entire world.