himalayan salt crockery

100% Unique & Natural Himalayan Salt Crockery

We at Himalayan Pink Salt come with another latest version of salt products and this time Himalayan Salt Crockery, isn’t it amazing? Yes, now you can get the 100% natural salt made crockery including salt plates, salt blocks for cooking, and other essential celery items from us.

The crockery made from pink salts is becoming trendy day by day, so buy these unique, stylish, affordable, and beautiful salt crockery from the world’s largest Himalayan salt manufacturer & exporters.

himalayan salt crockery
Sr#Art#NameSize (inch) L/W
1HSC - 1151Pink Salt Pestle (Round)6" x 4"
2HSC - 1152Salad Bowl6
3HSC - 1153Salt Serving Plate6" x 1.5"
4HSC - 1154Shot Glass3
5HSC - 1155Morter & Pestle4.6" x 4.4"

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