Himalayan Salt Night Light Lamp

Best Quality Himalayan Salt Night Lamp

Adorn your bedroom, living room, and your residential areas with our stylish yet affordable salt night lamps. These lamps produce a glamorous glow light and provide a relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep.

Himalayan Salt Night Lamp serve as elegant and modern decoration lamps because these lamps consist of black alloy and are filled up with natural Himalayan salts. Our premium-quality salt night lamps offer comfort to a user during their nighttime without burdening them on budget.

Himalayan Salt Night Lamp
Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (grams)
1NLH - 101LeafApp 500 gr
2NLH - 102FishApp 500 gr
3NLH - 103DolphinApp 500 gr
4NLH - 104CylinderApp 500 gr
5NLH - 105FlowerApp 500 gr
6NLH - 106NaturalApp 500 gr
7NLH - 107Horse HeadApp 500 gr
8NLH - 108LotusApp 500 gr

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