Himalayan Cooking Slab | Himalayan Pink Salt Cooking Slab Largest Exporter from Pakistan 1

Where Himalayan salt carries the highest content of ore in the world has about 84 minerals, a question arises; is cooking on a salt block healthy? All these minerals are essential for the human body then not only cooking on top of this is super healthy but each of its minerals provides a different flavor complexity in the things we cook on top of the Himalayan salt block.

Himalayan cooking blocks are well known for being one of the latest kitchen trends in the world. It’s the purest form of salt in the world, it is a block of mountain salt mined from the mountains of Himalayas located in Pakistan.

Cooking on the salt block is the best way to appreciate the real taste of things you are eating. Let’s say when you cook something on a salt block, it intensively enhances the flavors of the food.

Himalayan salt cooking slab withstands very high temperatures; usually, a thin-sized salt block can take about 30 to 40min to be heated and while it is warming up you can decide among cute things getting the skewers ready super easily.

Present minerals in the Himalayan salt block are essential for the human body then by consuming these salts you are having a reinforcement of all 84 minerals needed by that body.

With time, It is becoming fashionable to cook with this block of salt. Actually, its use is very simple, it is heated over a fire and we use it as a normal iron.

The good thing is that you don’t need to add oil, butter, or anything, you can make food directly on its surface.

The same salt in the block is responsible for seasoning it, just enough, and enhancing the flavor of the food. You can also add oils and others but it is not necessary. It can be used for all kinds of food, meat, fish, vegetables…

You can take the food out and serve it on a plate, but the way I like it is that you bring the meat to the table on the salt block thanks to its steel frame and you can eat it while it continues to cook. It offers healthy and good-tasting cuisine.

A Himalayan salt block is also an alternative to cooking on the grill with salt, in this case, the salt is natural and much healthier, and it maintains a homogeneous temperature throughout the block of salt.

Himalayan salt block makes everything better, healthier with more flavor. And lastly, I’d like to add that we must take into account that the extraction of this salt is more complex, personally, I think it is great and everything that is natural is much better, for that reason I do recommend it.