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Himalayan Salt UK Wholesaler

We’re considered the best Himalayan salt UK supplier in the pink salt distribution industry. We have vast resources to import Himalayan salt directly from the Salto mountain range, we process them and bring them to the United Kingdom for our prestigious clients.

himalayan salt uk

Featured Products Range

Himalayan salt block UK

As we mentioned earlier, we bring the pink salt directly from Himalayas Hills; we buy the bulk stock and convert them into cooking & décor blocks. Being a top Himalayan salt block UK distributor, we have a wide range of pink salt blocks including small cooking blocks, licking bricks, candle holders, bath tiles, etc.

himalayan salt block uk

Himalayan salt wholesale UK

If you’re looking for Himalayan salt wholesale in UK, we are a constantly updated window to the world of Himalayan salt. We have all kinds of decoration, architecture, art and cooking-related Himalayan salt products. We have a commitment to rigor, quality, and creativity with a special interest in sustainability and diversity.

Himalayan salt lamp UK

We are a top manufacturer of organic Himalayan pink salt lamp in UK and also have been distributing, importing and exporting Himalayan salt lamp UK worldwide. Our rigorous quality assurance standards lead us in the extracting, manufacturing and crafting process that ensure unmatched beauty and quality.


Buy Himalayan pink salt UK

Whether you are Himalayan pink salt UK lover or a retailer, we can help you in importing Himalayan salt household items, edible pink salt, lick bricks and tiles. Approach us for quotation or queries, our courteous customer support representatives will entertain you efficiently 24/7.

Himalayan salt candle holder UK

Our Himalayan salt candle holder UK designs are famous for its exceptional beautiful appearance, orange & pink color theme, and artistry engravings. We dedicate our years to build the right recipe to craft amazing candle holders. You can order us these candle holder for your home or for your ecommerce store.

Himalayan crystal salt UK

Where Himalayan salt items are world-famous, world medical authorities also recognize it edible & considered it beneficial for health. Taking this into account, we bring highly hygienic Himalayan crystal salt UK; this is extracted by our expert professionals, processed under rigorous health safety measures and then we bring it to you.