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Buy Himalayan Salt Malaysia

We have Himalayan salt Malaysia products, our products are guaranteed under our quality standards. Our products are 100% pure and natural. Here at, we can provide you with building materials such as blocks made of Himalayan salt through which you can design and build your ideal space or that of your client.

himalayan salt in malaysia

Featured Products Range

Pink Himalayan salt Malaysia

Let yourself be pampered with our relaxing line of bath salts and Himalayan pink salt Malaysia scrubs for hands, feet and face, include us in your SPA or create your own SPA at home. We have a wide range of pink Himalayan salt Malaysia products and offering at highly affordable prices. In addition we also have a vast collection of Himalayan salt décor items and cooking blocks to add mesmerizing experience to your spaces and to meals as well.

pink himalayan salt malaysia
himalayan salt price in malaysia

Himalayan salt price in Malaysia

Himalayan salts are crystallized minerals that originated in the Himalayan Mountains. Our entire Himalayan salt stock comes from Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. The pink or orange coloration is due to the different degrees of concentration of different minerals that it contains. Being top supplier Himalayan salt in Malaysia, we have everything from raw salt blocks to décor, cooking & spa items. Approach us to get highly quality and lowest Himalayan salt price in Malaysia.

Himalayan salt supplier in Malaysia

We are top Himalayan salt supplier in Malaysia and have been providing Himalayan salt import-export services for a decade. We have aesthetically beautiful and durable Malaysia Himalayan salt lamps, decorative items, construction tiles and different purposes cookware.

We have everything, you may need for your home or business. Here at we have best suits what you are looking for in terms of aesthetics and low cost.