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Khewra Salt Mines is situated in Pind Dadan Khan in Punjab and is known as one of the amazing wonders of the world; actually discovered back in the time of Alexander the Great. Now it’s famous for its Pink Himalayan salt blocks which of course is exported all over the world. Due to its popularity ever you think to read about its history & facts or want to visit? In this guide, we’ll cover everything from how you can reach to visit Khewra, its glorious history, and amazing facts.

A Quick Guide to Visit Khewra Mine

Khewra mine is functional since the Alexander era but in 2003 it was decided to make it a visitor resort and opened for visitors; in 2010 it was renovated to make it a proper tourist place.

If you’re planning to visit there, don’t opt for public transport; you can’t reach the mines through public transport. Try to arrange private transfers or take help from tour planners. There’re two routes to the Khewra mine, one GT road to Pind Dadan Khan that is scenic and another one through Motorway that is safe and fast.

For the convenience of visitors, there’s a vast parking area and you can park your vehicle all day long without any worries. The management has made every effort to ensure the safety of visitors here.

There are two paths, one way at the right side to enter in the mind and second is to come out from left side after visit. To visit the salt mine you need an entrance ticket; now in 2022 tickets for adult PKR 400 and kids PKR200 for Pak citizens and 200 extra for train ride.

You can explore the entire mine by train cart, a train that now transports visitors but used to bring salt rock out in the past. With the entrance you’ll feel the aesthetic beauty of salt mine, the cave is very attractive; roof, walls, and floor are all made from natural salt.

Incredible Facts About Khewra Salt Mine

Khewra Salt Mine 2

I’m quite excited to wrap out the amazing facts about the Khewra salt mine. Let’s get into it.

There are 18 layers of mine, mining was took place 12 of them and 6 are remaining that are down to 1500 feet. 5th layer is opened for visitors.

However, now mining is taking place using modern techniques but in the past cannon was used to break the rocks of salt. In the salt mine, there are three different types of salts as the pink salt, the red salt and the white salt.

These salt caves are made on 50% area and other 50% left as to lift up the mountain. All walls get by cutting salt rocks, really unique building by salt rocks, and some bricks melt by water dropping from top.

Even some time evaporated water dried on underside of roof, salt become very beautiful crystals and different type of lights make it even more beautiful.

  • Minar e Pakistan also built with different colors of salt tiles and bricks.
  • There’s also a dedicated area for visitors for taking pictures to make tour memorable.
  • Fully functional historic train cart and 2 feet railway track.
  • A pool of water with white flower inside – flowers are artificial.
  • The temperature is always between 18-20 degrees, making walking around pleasant.
  • You can buy handmade master pieces of Himalayan salt from nearest shop or order us online.