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When people discover a salt cave for the first time in their lives and are intrigued by its unique microclimate, they desire to own one of their own. Many people think of making Himalayan salt room construction with their own hands because on top of the expense of buying an outfit, it is not a cheap pleasure.

Choice of premises:

Basements and first floors are ideal locations for salt caves. Rooms must be dry, initially without water, electricity, or sewage connections. The ceiling is approximately 3 meters high and the floor is made of cement.

Preparatory work begins with removing all finishes, including those for water and electricity. In addition, the windows should be laid out and the door should be widened by 15-20 cm. Insulation should be installed on cold walls.

There should always be an exhaust vent located below the ceiling. Never use metal pipes as exhaust vents. For material, it is better to buy Himalayan salt tiles for walls from the manufacturer.

Several ways to achieve Salt Room:

Wall cladding with salt blocks or tiles is a popular method, as they are available in different thicknesses and colors, and are easily applied to a wall.

Compared to other methods, this has the advantage of being rapid because the cave can be constructed in 2 or 3 days; however, the disadvantage is the need to use glue, as well as the loss of space because the tiles are so thick.

Another method involves applying salt to the walls by building a “layer” of salt. The room must be dry, otherwise, there will be no adhesion of salt crystals to the wall surface. 

A plastic container must be prepared with salt – add a certain amount of salt to warm clean water; the floor should be cleaned, and plastic wrap should be used along the walls. You must collect a small amount of salt with a special spoon and apply it evenly to the wall using this special tool.

It is impossible simply to cover a room in salt to create a salt cave, but it is possible to create a microclimate typical of salt caves.

How to choose such equipment and how to configure it?

You can’t build a plane without parts to build a plane by making a salt cave with your own hands. Some people who have stepped foot in a salt cave for the first time are blown away by the quality of the microclimate there, which makes them dream of getting their own salt chamber.

In salt chambers, a microclimate similar to that of salt caves is reproduced almost in detail, so the therapeutic effects of their use are in no way inferior to those of treatments in natural caves. Since setting up a salt chamber isn’t cheap, many people consider doing it themselves.