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Buy Himalayan Salt Canada

We’re one of best Himalayan salt Canada suppliers. Here at, we are a team that has been in the Canada market since 2010. The staff is young, dynamic and qualified in the art of decorative Himalayan salt items & cookware.

Each item is treated with maximum responsibility and care. Great attention to detail and efficiency in the field are two traits that characterize us. We offer free sampling & quotation and have resources to extract the blocks from mines, process them and import efficiently here in Canada for you.

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Featured Products Range

Himalayan Salt Lamp Canada

We process & manufactures all type of Himalayan Salt Lamps with our unique collection of artistic designs. We have a team of expert technicians for engraving and processing to make stunning pink salt items for you homes and offices. We offer you the same designs that you always see everywhere and it is time for you to see things that adapt to your most personal style (but in the Himalayan Salt material.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp
Himalayan Salt Canada 2

Where to buy Himalayan Pink Salt in Canada

Do you know “where to buy Himalayan pink salt in Canada?” World Wide Distributor is the best import-export agent who has huge collection of Himalayan Salt décor and edible products from tiles, bricks to décor items and cooking blocks.

Wholesale Himalayan Salt Canada

There are many reasons why you should choose us for you next Himalayan pink salt bulk Canada buy. One of them is we are one of top wholesale Himalayan salt Canada suppliers who is providing a comprehensive services including extracting Himalayan salt from Himalayas, processing, crafting customize products, importing, handling packaging. We are here to provide you with the best service and the best advice at unbeatable prices.

Himalayan Salt Wholesale Canada

When it comes to decorative, household and Himalayan salt cookware items, we undoubtedly have hundreds of different options and idea of ​​using it in your project. Which is why we are most reputed & reliable Himalayan salt wholesale Canada distributor. Generally, we deal in Himalayan salt lamps, geometrical & USB candle holder, pink salt basket, edible salt, salt culinary, spa tiles and more.

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Canada

We all know the health benefits of Himalayan edible salt. And now Himalayan salt inhaler Canada is widely in use worldwide. Here at, we have different kinds of Himalayan salt inhalers. These are built under following all health safety measures and comply with international standards. Its aesthetic look, durability and affordable price is unbeatable. Approach us now and get the best rates for Himalayan salt lamps, lick bricks, tiles, candle holders and cooking blocks.