What is Animal Salt Lick | Benefits And Importance

As we know the history of Himalayan Pink Salt that how it discover.  The History of Himalayan Pink Salt is very old and starting from the time of Alexander who is great ruler and conquered half of the world. it is said that around 326 B.C Alexander was passing through this region and stopped there to take some rest. One of his soldier noticed that the horse were licking the rocks he was very strange to see this he tried it for himself and found the rock to be salty and this is how Himalayan rock salt was discovered so we supposedly he is the one behind the discovery of Himalayan Salt range in Pakistan. Himalayan Pink Salt is perfect supplement to maintain nutritional and mineral value in animals. Farmer use Himalayan Pink Salt around the world for horses and other livestock as they consider it remedy of ages. Himalayan Pink Salt block contain of 100% naturals minerals without any additives or derivatives and comes in different sizes and weights ranging from 5lb to 22lb in weight

What is Animal Salt Lick?

As we know human body is a bunch of many salt and it need 50mg salt per day to maintain a proper fluid balance so same like it animals also need salt as well for their perfect growth and body requirement especially mammals because they need salt to survive on and to keep their cells complete. In cold weather animals need salt for proper development and sustenance of bones. Animals take salt from natural resources as well as from artificial salt lick. Organic Salt Blocks, also known as Lick Blocks, are used to feed animals. The Salt Block provides essential elements to satisfy the cravings and needs of their bodies.

The people who keep Horses know the importance of Himalayan Pink Salt which contain 84 minerals and trace elements such as copper, potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, and others. Himalayan Pink Salt helps to remove toxins from the body, balance the PH level, balances the nervous system, relaxes the muscular system, and improves blood circulation. It has a 100% bio availability of the body due to the fact that it does not undergo transformations in the process of metabolism and immediately enters the cell in its original form.

Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt for Animal Licking

  • Himalayan pink salt block has accumulated minerals and when animal lick it, they enhance their nutrition and ensuring sufficient minerals in their diet.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt contain excessive calcium and phosphorus which are primary components for bones and both have metabolic role in animal body.
  • In summer, livestock also loose minerals in form of sweating so Himalayan Pink Salt important to create balance.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt provide required minerals and nutrition to animals which become cause of increase the animals’ urge for food, increasing weight and more milk production that may boost farm performance.
  • Licking Himalayan Pink Salt give animals muscles growth and regulates a healthy circulatory system and nervous system.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt Licking they lessens animal laziness & drowsiness.
  • Cattle yearning salt will begin ingesting strange materials like dirt, rocks, consuming urine, eating mud and wood trying to fulfill their instinctive taste for salt, Natural Himalayan Pink Salt Lick satisfies their cravings.

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