Minerals In Himalayan Pink Salt

Scientific Research About Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt is a good example of a healthy salt that has trace minerals like sodium and potassium incorporated in it that help to improve the overall health of a person. This kind of salt is good for preventing hypertension and thus helps to maintain fluidity in the body, which helps the blood pressure to remain in control. In addition, the trace minerals found in it act as antioxidants, which fight against free radicals that cause diseases like heart disease and cancer. It also contains copper, magnesium and potassium so that it helps in proper blood circulation and normalizes the electrolyte balance in the body.

ElementIonAtomic #ConcentrationMethod/Source
HydrogenH10.30 g/kgDIN
LithiumLi30.40 g/kgAAS
BerylliumBe4<0.01 ppmAAS
BoronB5<0.001 ppmFSK
CarbonC6<0.001 ppmFSK
NitrogenN70.024 ppmICG
OxygenO81.20 g/kgDIN
FluorideF9<0.1 gPotentiometric
SodiumNa11382.61 g/kgFSM
MagnesiumMg120.16 g/kgAAS
AluminumAl130.661 ppmAAS
SiliconSi14<0.1 gAAS
PhosphorusP15<0.10 ppmICG
SulfurS1612.4 g/kgTXRF
ChlorideCl17590.93 g/kgGravimetric
PotassiumK193.5 g/kgFSM
CalciumCa204.05 g/kgTitration
ScandiumSc21<0.0001 ppmFSK
TitaniumTi22<0.001 ppmFSK
VanadiumV230.06 ppmAAS
ChromiumCr240.05 ppmAAS
ManganeseMn250.27 ppmAAS
IronFe2638.9 ppmAAS
CobaltCo270.60 ppmAAS
NickelNi280.13 ppmAAS
CopperCu290.56 ppmAAS
ZincZn302.38 ppmAAS
GalliumGa31<0.001 ppmFSK
GermaniumGe32<0.001 ppmFSK
ArsenicAs33<0.01 ppmAAS
SeleniumSe340.05 ppmAAS
BromineBr352.1 ppmTXRF
RubidiumRb370.04 ppmAAS
StrontiumSr380.014 g/kgAAS
YtterbiumY39<0.001 ppmFSK
ZirconiumZr40<0.001 ppmFSK
NiobiumNb41<0.001 ppmFSK
MolybdenumMo420.01 ppmAAS
TechnetiumTc43Unstable artificial isotopeN/A
RutheniumRu44<0.001 ppmFSK
RhodiumRh45<0.001 ppmFSK
PalladiumPd46<0.001 ppmFSK
SilverAg470.031 ppmAAS
CadmiumCd48<0.01 ppmAAS
IndiumIn49<0.001 ppmFSK
TinSn50<0.01 ppmAAS
AntimonySb51<0.01 ppmAAS
TelluriumTe52<0.001 ppmFSK
IodineI53<0.1 gPotentiometric
CesiumCs55<0.001 ppmFSK
BariumBa561.96 ppmAAS/TXR
LanthanumLa57<0.001 ppmFSK
CeriumCe58<0.001 ppmFSK
PraseodymiumPr59<0.001 ppmFSK
NeodymiumNd60<0.001 ppmFSK
PromethiumPm61Unstable artificial isotopeN/A
SamariumSm62<0.001 ppmFSK
EuropiumEu63<3.0 ppmTXRF
GadoliniumGd64<0.001 ppmFSK
TerbiumTb65<0.001 ppmFSK
DysprosiumDy66<4.0 ppmTXRF
HolmiumHo67<0.001 ppmFSK
ErbiumEr68<0.001 ppmFSK
ThuliumTm69<0.001 ppmFSK
YtterbiumYb70<0.001 ppmFSK
LutetiumLu71<0.001 ppmFSK
HafniumHf72<0.001 ppmFSK
TantalumTa731.1 ppmTXRF
WolframW74<0.001 ppmFSK
RheniumRe75<2.5 ppmTXRF
OsmiumOs76<0.001 ppmFSK
IridiumIr77<2.0 ppmTXRF
PlatinumPt780.47 ppmTXRF
GoldAu79<1.0 ppmTXRF
MercuryHg80<0.03 ppmAAS
ThalliumTi810.06 ppmAAS
LeadPb820.10 ppmAAS
BismuthBi83<0.10 ppmAAS
PoloniumPo84<0.001 ppmFSK
AstatineAt85<0.001 ppmFSK
FranciumFr87<1.0 ppmTXRF
RadiumRa88<0.001 ppmFSK
ActiniumAc89<0.001 ppmFSK
ThoriumTh90<0.001 ppmFSK
ProtactiniumPa91<0.001 ppmFSK
UraniumU92<0.001 ppmFSK
NeptuniumNp93<0.001 ppmFSK
PlutoniumPu94<0.001 ppmFSK