Himalayan USB Port Salt Lamp

Himalayan Pink Salt lamp becomes most iconic decoration piece for home decoration. Only fewer people exactly know what they are and what’s the actual benefits of Lamp made from Himalayan Pink Salt.  With Himalayan Pink Salt lamp they can have them spice up the looks of their homes.

Most of the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp made for large space such as drawing room, living room etc but now a new term Himalayan Pink Salt USB Lamp introduces. One can also pick the small ones powered by a USB cable from a computer or a wall outlet. In these lamps you can pick single color or various colors in a single bulb. For example, if blue is your favorite color, or the office looks better at night with the blue hue on, pick on it. Also, one can pick on a bulb that changes color according to the settings.

USB salt lamp enables us to plugin with USB port of either laptop or mobile adapter and produces a variety of lights. If it’s plain white rock it comes up with color-changing light and pink salt only comes up with orange hues.

Himalayan USB Salt Lamp Shapes

Himalayan Pink Salt USB Lamp also available in different shapes and sizes with the feature of portability. This feature makes the lamp travel friendly and you can take it anywhere with you. It gives a calming glow and can be used as a decorating as well as a healthiness tool.

Computers and wireless devices such as mobile, Wireless Cameras, Tablet  and other technological devices produces so many unhealthy electromagnetic fields which become cause of so many diseases. Himalayan Pink Salt USB Lamp helps to suck all these waves and purifier your atmosphere.

Himalayan USB Salt Lamp Features

The best part of this small white Himalayan salt lamp is that it directly plugin to any USB charging port so it’s quite beneficial while you are in travel or work or even in the car. Being on-the-go doesn’t mean you have to leave the soothing power of your lamps behind. When we connect Himalayan Pink Salt USB lamp with computer, it helps counter the harmful effect of the background electromagnetic radiation (EMF) produce by computer.

Himalayan Pink Salt lamp has another quality of hygroscopic which can absorb moisture. The heat produce from the bulb keep the lamp dry and produce negative ion emission so try to keep your lamp lit as often as possible.  In the alternative, if your environment is humid and you are near to air-condition, it helps to reduce the moisture. One thing more always try to keep your lamp on flat surface so it can be easily clean and protected if your environment produces excess moisture in your lamps. If you feel necessary, wipe lamp down gently with a damp cloth.

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