Geometrical Salt Lamps

Best Quality Geometrical Salt Lamps

Generally, people are now more eager to buy a geometrical salt lamps. As they are much more efficient than electronic devices, etc. And, for that sake, we,, bring up some awesome salt lamps that are finely manufactured by professionals using 100% natural salt blocks. Order your desired lamp today, we are just one call away from you.

Geometrical Salt Lamps
Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (Kg)Inches L/W
1HGL - 701Cylinder Cut2 - 34" x 6"
2HGL - 702Drop2 - 34" x 6"
3HGL - 703Cone2 - 34" x 6"
4HGL - 704Egg2 - 34" x 6"
5HGL - 705Ball3 - 44" x 6"
6HGL - 706Pyramid2 - 34" x 6"
7HGL - 707Obelisk2 - 34" x 6"
8HGL - 708Cylinder2 - 34" x 6"
9HGL - 709Egg Cut2 - 34" x 6"
10HGL - 710Dome2 - 34" x 6"
11HGL - 711Column2 - 34" x 6"
12HGL - 712Triangle2 - 34" x 6"
13HGL - 713Diamond2 - 34" x 6"
14HGL - 714Tree2 - 34" x 6"
15HGL - 715Mushroom2 - 34" x 6"
16HGL - 716Capsule2 - 34" x 6"
17HGL - 717Cube2 - 34" x 6"

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Amazing Geometrical Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps

We, being the leading champion and 100% premium quality salt lamp manufacturers, offer you unique and beautifully designed geometrical shape Himalayan salt lamps. They tend to intensify the beauty of your entire living space with their grace.

No matter which area of the room you place these beautiful lamps, they will create an adorable look with their charm and add some warmth, for sure.

Geometrical Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer

We have been serving 70+ countries for many years, thus being the number one geometrical Himalayan salt lamp manufacturer.

Our aim is to make our customers satisfied. That’s why we make sure of the 100% premium quality of our products. You can trust us and get the beautiful geometrical salt lamps at the best price, from us.

Choose Us For the Unique Geometric Table Lamps

We are preferred because we have a team of highly trained workers and professional manufacturers. We ensure the best quality at an affordable rate.

Being the number one company, we do manufacturing and exporting of our beautifully designed geometrical salt lamps in a secure manner.