Geometrical Salt Lamps

Geometrical Shape Himalayan Salt Lamps

Our Geometrical shape Himalayan salt lamps features in various shapes. Each geometrical salt lamps is custom hand made from a single himalayan salt crystal.

Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (Kg)Inches W/L
1HGL - 701Cylinder Cut2 - 36 x 4
2HGL - 702Drop2 - 36 x 4
3HGL - 703Cone2 - 36 x 4
4HGL - 704Egg2 - 36 x 4
5HGL - 705Ball3 - 46 x 4
6HGL - 706Pyramid2 - 36 x 4
7HGL - 707Obelisk2 - 36 x 4
8HGL - 708Cylinder2 - 36 x 4
9HGL - 709Egg Cut2 - 36 x 4
10HGL - 710Dome2 - 36 x 4
11HGL - 711Column2 - 36 x 4
12HGL - 712Triangle2 - 36 x 4
13HGL - 713Diamond2 - 36 x 4
14HGL - 714Tree2 - 36 x 4
15HGL - 715Mushroom2 - 36 x 4
16HGL - 716Capsule2 - 36 x 4
17HGL - 717Cube2 - 36 x 4

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Geometrical Himalayan Salt Lamp Manufacturer

Geometrical salt lamps are best for night lights while providing clean and healthy atmosphere in our houses. Our geometrical shape salt lamps reduces the radiation from electonic devices and gives a peace of comfort.

Salt lamps are all wonderful as night lights and provide calm and fresh environment inside the space. Adding any area of your house with a warm, calm shine whilst including a gorgeous focus with geometrical shape salt lamp.

Here at Himalayan PinkSalt, you’re guaranteed to locate the best Geometrical Salt lamp to fit your personality from our set. All these exceptional lighting features make perfect presents for special occasions. Enjoy the relaxing, warm glow along with aesthetic elegance of those unique, functional artwork! Geometrical shape salt lamps enables you to re-establish and retain the normal atmosphere, to make a cozy, to promote comfort and make a nice atmosphere. If you suffer from tension and stress or only desire a relaxing setting at home, our geometrical salt lamps could be precisely what you’re searching for.

Geometrical Himalayan Salt Lamp Wholesale

All the hand carved geometrical salt lamps are built by himalayan salt crystal, creating exquisite, unique light features. Infuse your home having an aesthetically pleasing shine by setting at least one of those appealing lamps in any space! Salt lamps are produced with various crystals of stone yellow coloured, such as crimson, purple, pink, white and orange stripes using varying colors, and textures which generate a wholesome number of unwanted ions.

Geometrical Himalayan Salt Lamp Exporter

Negative ions help clean the air, improve attention and promote healing. A lot of men and women choose using geometrical silhouette sodium lamps within their houses. You can order wholesale geometrical salt lamps depending on your own requirements.