Decorative Himalayan Khewra Salt Lamps

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps are natural wonders that have illuminated our homes with soft colors for centuries. These salt lamps are a perfect choice to add ambiance to your room while providing us with much needed light. Not only that, they are very affordable and will brighten up your living space with soft, subtle glow.

When it comes to illuminating your home with natural beauty, nothing compares to Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps. These salt lamps feature a combination of artificial rock crystal, fine Himalayan salt crystals, and a special glass that create a unique color of light that hardly ever occurs in nature. Because the intensity of these light colors is so intense, it is emitted by a single crystal instead of the normal glow that are created when you place several stones next to one another. This way, the light emitted by each crystal is highly concentrated, resulting in a natural luminosity that makes these Himalayan Salt Lamps very appealing to the eye.

In addition to being extremely attractive to the eye, Himalayan Salt Lamps also provides excellent scientific evidence as to how they work. When placed near a flame, the salt crystals emit an orange glow that some scientists have linked with the presence of oxygen gas molecules. However, there are other scientists who disagree with this connection because no direct scientific evidence has been produced using the Khewra salt crystals.

This kind of research came about because of the high salt content of the crystals. Since the salt deposits in the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan are very old, there had to be a method of preserving the color, texture and quality of the crystal salt lamps. Fortunately, a company in India came up with an innovative answer. Scientists from this company created a process called flashpoint aging, which basically means that the lamps are exposed to an acidic solution, such as wine or vinegar, so that the crystals attain their unique color and glow. After several years, these lamps are able to undergo laboratory tests that prove that they do, in fact, produce a color change, as well as the proof that they have the effects of air ions in the surrounding environment. After several years, a lot of evidence was accumulated and eventually, a scientific paper was published that backing up all the anecdotal evidence gathered.

Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp Benefits

Now, you might be wondering what benefits could this ancient art of Himalayas have for your home. For one thing, it has proven that using lamps at home can significantly lower the chances of an asthma attack. It also helps you to get rid of any irritants that trigger asthma attacks, such as dust or molds. Another scientific evidence about the efficacy of the lamps is that it can help you increase your visual acuity. Studies have shown that there is a connection between salt lamps and improved visual acuity. In addition, the lamps reduce headaches, reduce stress and increase energy levels.

The lamps work by using an ionizing area at the base of the bulb that is filled with salt. When electricity passes through the bulb, the salt atoms come together and knock off electrons. This knocks the free electrons loose so that they can freely move around the bulb, thus producing energy. With the electrical current, the salt atoms become more stable and the result is a stronger electric field that is able to light up the room and even out the space. You will then see an improved color combination, especially when you switch the lamp on in the evening.

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