Cooking on Himalayan Salt Block

Now a days we heard a term of Himalayan Salt Block made from Himalayan Pink Salt which produced from a mine situated in Pakistan. These blocks got popularity in the U.S in the last few decades due to the fact that, as we mentioned, you can cook pretty much whatever you can think up on one. It is not much difficult to learn how to cook on salt block if you are taking just a little bit of time to make sure you’re prepared will ensure that you can whip up something delicious and not damage or destroy your salt block in the process.

Cooking on Himalayan Pink Salt Block is become famous term and people use it as unique

In starting you have to learn and exercise some caution first while cooking on Himalayan Salt block because it’s a unique experience to cook on Himalayan Pink Salt Block. But once you made couple of meal on it, you will get smooth and experienced. First of all, slowly heat the slab of salt then put whatever you want to cook on it and watch it sizzle. Cooking on Himalayan Pink Salt Block imparts your food with subtle hint of minerals saltiness that’s absolutely fantastic because of block’s unique composition.

Quickly change of temperature shortens the life of your slab and result in breakage so always maintain heat under the block. It is pity normal for slab to have small cracks or turn its colour from pink to whiter when you heat. Moreover always dry your salt block before heating it can reduce the chances of breakage and a much shorter lifespan for your salty companion.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your salt slab hits the perfect temperature without any damage.

Cooking Steak on Himalayan Pink Salt Block

Himalayan Pink Salt block use for cooking purpose and a lot of dishes made on it which not only enhance the nutrition of food but also give a touch of sophisticated presentation which leave an everlasting impression on people.

Here we discuss the procedure of cooking steak on Himalayan Pink Salt Block.

  • Heating up the Salt Block

As we discuss above the quick change of temperature under salt block become the cause of its breakage so maintain fire below it is most important to learn. If you want to cook steak on it so you have to maintain its temperature 20 minutes on low fire, 20 minutes on medium fire and 20 minutes on high fire.

  • Sprinkle test

For sprinkle test, put few drops of water on the block if they sizzle vigorously and disappear immediately, the block is ready. Now you put a thin slice of flank steak directly on salt block.

  • Flipping the Steak

For this purpose use a thin spatula or tongs (Non Plastic)

  • Time Required for Cooking

If the slice of steak is thin then it required 1-2 minutes per side

If the slice of meat is thicker then it required 4-5 minutes per side.

When the steak is done, remove from the block with your metal spatula. Once heated, you can leave the block on the burner and cook with it for several hours.

  • Cooling the salt block:

For at least one hour. Leave on stove top, turn off heat and let stand until cool to the touch.

So this is the basic method of cooking on Himalayan Pink Salt Block and it is used in other food item preparation like cooking fish on Himalayan salt block, cooking chicken breast on a Himalayan salt block and so on,. The main difference is temperature and cooking time like chicken and fish required less time rather than beef and mutton.

Is meat salty when cooking on a Himalayan salt block??

Cooking on a Himalayan salt block may give your meals an unexpected flavor due to its mineral content. When you cook on Himalayan Pink Salt Block, it gives your food nutrition and made it salty because its salt mix with you food so if you cook your food on salt slab so no need to put extra salt.

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