Real Himalayan Salt Lamp

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp

Our real himalayan salt lamp are great for contemporary lovers of design who loves natural decor. Our hand crafted natural Himalayan salt lamp are available in different color, sizes and shapes.

Sr#Art#Natural Shape Salt LampWeight (Kg)Packing
1HNL - 601Real Himalayan Salt Lamp01 - 028 pcs
2HNL - 602Real Himalayan Salt Lamp02 - 036 pcs
3HNL - 603Real Himalayan Salt Lamp03 - 056 pcs
4HNL - 604Real Himalayan Salt Lamp05 - 074 pcs
5HNL - 605Real Himalayan Salt Lamp07 - 102 pcs
6HNL - 606Real Himalayan Salt Lamp10 - 122 pcs
7HNL - 607Real Himalayan Salt Lamp12 - 151 pcs
8HNL - 608Real Himalayan Salt Lamp15 - 201 pcs
9HNL - 609Real Himalayan Salt Lamp20 - 301 pcs
10HNL - 610Real Himalayan Salt Lamp30 - 401 pcs
11HNL - 611Real Himalayan Salt Lamp40 - 501 pcs

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Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Our natural Himalayan rock salt lamp gives the place a unique alluring ambiance. Due to their attractive pink color, they provide a setting in which you place them according to your needs. Our real himalayan salt lamp support all natural processes called hygroscopy. They produce negative ions in air to counteract the positive ions which are not healthy for our health.

Natural Himalayan salt lamp is also very good for our health and fitness. More over, we may use real himalayan salt lamp in various sorts of merchandise including sodium lamps and salt stones etc. By employing natural pink salt lamps on the bedroom you are able to have calm sleep. They have been good for asthma as well as for stress release.

Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt Lamp

Himalayan natural crystal salt lamp have the capability to eliminate smoke and dust. Possessing a salt lamp at your house will supply you an all pure feeling. As a result of aesthetic appearance and wellness benefits, the usage of natural air purifying himalayan salt lamp is rising everyday all around the environment.

Real Himalayan Salt Lamp Exporter

We’ll deliver all of your required services and products in minimum time period with an assurance. We’re the leader exporter and supplier of all natural Himalayan salt lamps in Pakistan. You may contact us to the reliable and decent quality salt lamp products. Organic salt lamps have been carved out of the pink, beige lavender cubes of Pakistan. Folks today use them to decorating their offices and homes in addition for health benefits. natural hand carved Himalayan salt lamp are regarded to adjust the nearby atmosphere by generating waves which have health benefits.

Our principal objective is to present dependable and great quality services and products for our customers. If you’re interested in finding wholesale natural salt lamp exporter and manufacturer then we still have to be your first option.

How to tell if Himalayan Salt Lamp is real?

when you purchase salt lamp, check that your salt lamp handles humid or really warm days without perspiring or sweating which is clear indication that your salt Lamp is Fake and you will not be able to get health benefits from this.

Where to get a Real Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Pakistan is blessed with Himalayan Pink Salt and we Himalayan_Pink Salt provide genuine and original products of Himalayan Pink Salt.

What is the best natural Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Pink Salt lamp consider best Himalayan Salt lamp due to their a lot of benefits and beautiful shapes and dynamic Colors.