How to Use Himalayan Salt Blocks For Cooking?

Himalayan Pink Salt contains a lot of minerals and nutrition in it which not only enhances food taste and flavor but also make it full of nutrition. For last few years ago another term related Himalayan Pink Salt become very famous and this is culinary made from Himalayan Pink Salt.

Some inventive chefs took quite a different approach to using salt block or plates for cooking. They took a large block of salt, preheated it and began searing thin strips of Kobe beef on it instead of putting salt on food. This trend go viral people love the taste and flavor of dish made on Himalayan Pink Salt Block. What started as a great idea by a few chefs has now become the latest trend for home chefs, showing enough cooking potential to become a staple in the kitchen.

Salt plates available in different shapes and sizes   so you can choose them according to your requirements.  Moreover it depends how you going to use it and keep it whether you use it for cooking purpose or for serving purpose. Generally, it’s a good idea to have at least two plates of different sizes to be able to cook or serve a variety of things.

How to use Himalayan Pink Salt Plate while Cooking?

Cooking on Himalayan Pink Salt Plate is easy but it required care so if you follow the instructions, you may get better result and use your Salt Plate for long time.

  • If you want to cook steak on it so you have to maintain its temperature 20 minutes on low fire, 20 minutes on medium fire and 20 minutes on high fire.
  • For sprinkle test, put few drops of water on the block if they sizzle vigorously and disappear immediately, the block is ready. Now you put a thin slice of flank steak directly on salt block.
  • For better results, pat your food dry with paper towels before placing it on the block., Season your food as desired.
  • Slowly heat the block, increasing the heat in 10- to 15-minute stages until it’s at your desired temperature.
  • Time calculation is very important that you should know how much time required to cook.

How to use Himalayan Pink Salt Block for Cold Food Serving?

As cooking on Himalayan Salt Block required some instruction as well as Freezing Salt Plate is also need instruction which we have to follow because excessive heat and cold both become cause of Salt Plate damaged.

  • You can freeze salt block for two hours if you want to serving something that required colder temperature.
  • Refrigerate the block for at least an hour ahead of serving to reduce the internal temperature.

Himalayan Salt Crockery

Not only Salt Plate and Block but also there are crockery items made from Himalayan Pink Salt include them:

  • Shot Glass
  • Mortar $ Pestle
  • Salad Bowl
  • Salt Serving Plate
  • Salt Tray

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