History Of Himalayan Pink Salt

The History of Himalayan Pink Salt is very old and starting from the time of Alexander who is great ruler and conquered half of the world. it is said that around 326 B.C Alexander was passing through this region and stopped there to take some rest. One of his soldier noticed that the horse were licking the rocks he was very strange to see this he tried it for himself and found the rock to be salty and this is how Himalayan rock salt was discovered so we supposedly he is the one behind the discovery of Himalayan Salt range in Pakistan. One of the interesting thing is that in old time salt was used as currency.

After so many years the salt extraction and its uses have seen many changes and passed down from ruler to ruler. Finally the noticeable advancement in the method of salt extraction was made under British rule when scientist devices the doom and pillar technique. This technique ensures the structure and stability of the salt mine to make extraction of salt less difficult.

In the dark days of oppression, one day laborers were locked inside the tunnel in British rule until they reached their designated quota for salt production. 12 protesting miners were brutally shot dead near the salt mine entrance even their graves are still there in the gateway of salt mine.

Where Does Himalayan Pink Salt Come From?

Khewra salt mine is located in the Province of Punjab Pakistan which is really a gift from Allah for us and easily can qualify to list of wonders of the world. Khewra mine is the main source which produces Pink salt which is in high demand in all over the world. The gourmet rock salt is gathered from orange pink-colored rock crystals (sometimes off-white or transparent crystals) that have been extracted from ancient salt deposits estimated to be nearly 800 million years old.

The Himalayan Pink salt considered to be one of the most natural and cleanest salt in the world that’s why it received global attention in recent years because of its outstanding nutritional value and an endless list of health benefits which attract consumers. In terms of nutritional value, Himalayan Pink Salt has number of minerals and trace elements it contains. Himalayan Pink Salt also used in many dishes to enhance their flavor. Moreover sodium chloride in 1 teaspoon Himalayan Pink Salt is 98% and 2% trace minerals. In the past, people of Himalayan region used the Pink salt for food preservation. It is also important to point out that this salt is a non-renewable natural resource that will cease to exist once the entire salt deposit has been extracted from its native region.

Types of Pink Salt

  • Pink Salt
  • Crystal Pink Salt
  • Light Pink Salt
  • Dark Pink Salt

What is Himalayan Pink Salt Good for?

Himalayan Pink Salt is gift of Allah for us it is great wonder which contains so many benefits hide in it. Himalayan Pink Salt is in high demand in all over the world because of its hidden benefits which are following:

  • Himalayan Pink Salt contains so many minerals like Potassium and magnesium and that help you get the most out of the sodium your body needs and save you from negative effect of sodium.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt reduce Asthma, congestion, inflammation related lungs problems when you inhaled in salty air. For this purpose, a hospital builds in Khewra Salt Mine where to take the Asthma patient and cure them.
  • Regular use of Himalayan Pink Salt boosts your mineral intake.
  • Himalayan Pink Salt improves vascular health and circulation.
  • A pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt in water in the morning slightly raises blood pressure, giving you energy to start the day
  • Himalayan Pink Salt improves insulin sensitivity and helping you to get energy out of the food you eat.

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