Himalayan Wooden Basket

Himalayan Wooden Basket Manufacturer

We are certified manufacturer of Himalayan wooden basket from Pakistan. An ideal addition to any room in your house, a wooden basket can add a lot to its decor.

Sr#Art#Product ShapeDimention
1HWB-111Cage7 x 7 x 8
2HWB-112Cane7 x 7 x 8.25
3HWB-113Drum7 x 7 x 9
4HWB-114Flower8 x 8 x 5
5HWB-115Bowl8 x 8 x 5
6HWB-116Square7 x 7 x 7.25
7HWB-117Trophy17 × 8.5 × 8.5

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Himalayan Salt Wooden Basket Exporter

Himalayan Salt Wooden Basket available in different shapes and design which gives a very luminous effect when we put Himalayan pink salt chunk and ball in it with multi shaded or single shaded color light. The salt crystal balls we all fill our baskets are superb and transmit lighting exceptionally well, together with natural colors of crimson, white, and also pink/orange readily offered. Baskets are extremely, very effective with indoor atmosphere as a result of large cumulative area of the sour salt chunks.