Himalayan Salt Night Light Lamp

Himalayan Salt Night Light Lamp Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer of Himalayan Salt Night Light Lamp. Our quality salt night lamps provide a unique comfort to a user during their night time. Low level light of our lamps won’t affect your sleeping envioronment of your room.

Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (grams)
1NLH - 101LeafApp 500 gr
2NLH - 102FishApp 500 gr
3NLH - 103DolphinApp 500 gr
4NLH - 104CylinderApp 500 gr
5NLH - 105FlowerApp 500 gr
6NLH - 106NaturalApp 500 gr
7NLH - 107Horse HeadApp 500 gr
8NLH - 108LotusApp 500 gr

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Himalayan Salt Night Light Lamp Exporter

Himalayan Glow night-light has a elegance and decent appearance, besides light, this salt lamp additionally meets to decorate your bedroom, livingroom and different spaces. No wonder that an ideal present for family and friends at any given time anywhere. Himalayan PinkSalt includes a wide selection of Himalayan Pink Salt Night-light Collections.

Himalayan salt Lamp is particular consists of beautiful black alloy – filled up with Himalayan Rock Salt crystals serves being a fashionable decoration lamp from the bed room, family room, kitchen, cafe and bookstore etc. Our himalayan salt night light lamp includes a bulb, 6ft cord and patented darker switch to correct brightness and suit the ambiance.

While heating, these produces negative ions which struggle electromagnetic radiation. Night-lights offer an more relaxing and reassuring means to someone who has uncomfortable feelings caused by night circumstances, and supply the lighting in a low level so that they wont overtly interrupt the sleeping states of this user.