Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Manufacturer

We are leading manufacturer of himalayan salt fire bowl from Pakistan. Our salt fire bowl are 100% authentic and handmade produced. These are perfect for home, offices and as a night lamp.

Sr#Art#Product NameWeight (kg)Inches H/W/L
1HFB - 201Square With Balls3 - 43 x 4 x 6
2HFB - 202Square With Chunks3 - 43 x 4 x 6
3HFB - 203Round With Balls3 - 43 x 4 x 6
4HFB - 204Round With Chunks3 - 43 x 4 x 6
5HFB - 205Chunk--

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Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl Exporter

It’s not hard to get started using full bowl of Fire Salt Lamps at your house. Simply unwrap your lamp, then put in your bulb, and then twist the switch to naturally light your own space, all while protecting your indoor atmosphere. Lamps Built from actual lavender salt (from the Himalayan Mountains, naturally ) boast organic recovery properties, using their mineral cosmetics to address symptoms connected with multiple health problems.

It functions as a normal air cleaner by emitting a flow of ions to the atmosphere. Great for individuals struggling with allergies as well as stress. Also recognized to improve energy and rejuvenate your system.

Uses Of Salt Fire Bowl

Great for office, home spa and a night lighting. While drugs can surely help individuals treat those annoying symptoms, numerous other treatments also have shown effective, for example, usage of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl bring air borne water particles comprising ordinary pollutants, evaporating the moisture and affixing the remaining dust and dirt for their surfaces that are comprehensible. This procedure results in irritant-free atmosphere – that the excellent indoor air for most those who regularly grapple with allergies.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl

Insomnia: Quality sleep could be difficult to find in the modern device-driven globe, where shining tablets and smartphones disrupt our natural night patterns. Himalayan Salt Fire Bowl includes a wooden base plus dimmer switch – helps fix circadian rhythms as a consequence of apparatus use, Allowing their dark-pink tones to calm both the mind and cause sleeping.

Stress: This significant neurological illness wreak chaos globally, interrupting the everyday lives. While therapy and medications are critical for individuals fighting stress, you will find out solutions that may reinforce medical care programs – most importantly, Himalayan Salt Lamps.