Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle

Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle Manufacturer

The premium quality of Himalayan Geometric shape salt candle lamp with different attractive design, heartfelt colors and eminent crystals that mesmerize everyone. If you see original hue of salt lamp which create an orange pinkish light which looks admirable in any interior. In Geometric shape Himalayan pink salt candle lamp, a lot of variety and design available like heart shape, star, angel and many other customize design.

Sr#Art#ShapesWeight (kg)Inches W/LHole
1CHG - 501Star0.7 - 13 x 4"1
2CHG - 502Heart0.7 - 13 x 4"1
3CHG - 503Ball0.7 - 13 x 4"1
4CHG - 504Dholki0.7 - 13 x 4"1
5CHG - 505Apple0.7 - 13 x 4"1
6CHG - 506Square0.7 - 13 x 4"1
7CHG - 507Long0.7 - 16"2
8CHG - 508Long0.7 - 18"3
9CHG - 509Long0.7 - 110"5

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Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle Exporter

Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle enables you to re-establish and retain the normal atmosphere, to make a cozy one, to promote comfort and well being. If you suffer from tension and stress or only desire a relaxing setting at home, salt lamps could be precisely what you’re searching for.

All the hand carved Geometrical shapes salt candle are built from one Himalayan Salt crystal, creating exquisite, unique light features. Infuse your home having an aesthetically pleasing shine by setting at least one of those appealing lamps in any space! Each lamp is clearly hand carved to retain the initial, natural splendor of these salt crystals, so Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle are an instrument for comfort of all-natural salt made tens of thousands of years .

Salt lamps additionally comprise a few healthcare advantages. If you should be thinking about improving your entire well-being, then you might choose to find yourself a Geometrical Salt Candle. Himalayan Salt lamps comprise many different geometric shapes to fit any decoration! Adding any area of your house with a warm, calm shine whilst including a gorgeous focus and dialog piece.

You’re guaranteed to locate the fantastic Geometrical Shapes Salt Candle to fit your personality within our set. All these exceptional lighting features make perfect presents for special occasions.